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Creativity and innovation. I’ve focused my career on those two concepts, and during my time at Undertone, I’ve witnessed firsthand the value placed on both. We’re constantly leveraging the creativity of our teams, not only in developing our unique cross-screen ad formats, but also in helping our clients design and build compelling ad experiences that… Read More

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On February 5-6, Future Proof Labs (Undertone’s Research & Development venture) hosted our first ever hack day at our San Francisco office. A hack day (or hackathon) is an event where engineers, designers, project managers, and anyone interested in building things comes together to create solutions around a given theme. It’s an exercise that’s becoming… Read More

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While the holiday shopping season is top-of-mind for everyone, smart retailers are thinking a little further ahead and taking post-holiday time into account as well. According to ShopperTrak, the day after Christmas is the fifth-busiest day of the year for shopping traffic – and the seventh highest in sales. Finding post-holiday bargains is a tradition… Read More

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There are no short cuts to getting to know people and an organization.  You have to be open and engaged, but the rest of it depends on “time in the chair.”  In my first seven weeks at Undertone, I’ve been to London, Germany, Chicago (twice), and attended ANA Masters, DMEXCO, IAB MIXX, Advertising Week, and… Read More

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Our acquisition of Upfront Digital Media in June of this year was an extremely exciting moment for Undertone. For the first time, we had access to our own programmatic capabilities, and we shared big plans to use those capabilities in a new and different way. Upfront came to us with a great product—one very aligned with Undertone,… Read More

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Hyper-local targeting – the ability to deliver impressions to consumers based on their real-time or historical location information – offers advertisers the opportunity to better understand the context in which they are interacting with consumers. Understanding context allows advertisers to tailor content, increasing its appeal to the consumer and the likelihood of interaction. But this… Read More

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It’s no secret that when it comes to digital advertising, programmatic buying is the way of the future. In the past five years we’ve witnessed the real-time bidding revolution: digital marketers, and direct response marketers specifically, flocked to programmatic as their preferred method of buying digital media impressions. And today, growing numbers of agencies are… Read More

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Since taking on the CEO role of Undertone in May, I’ve been asked several times if the transition is a signal of change in strategy for the company.  Now that we have announced the acquisition of programmatic ad tech company Upfront Digital Media (formerly Legolas Media), I’m getting the same questions. Simply put, the answer… Read More

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Earned media and social activity are more important than ever for brand advertisers—and up to 90% of brands are now using content marketing to message consumers about their brands.* So we’re happy to share that Undertone offers Content Sync: a solution that extends brand content across the Web and makes brands’ digital advertising investment work… Read More

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By this point, the digital industry is familiar with the Media Rating Council (MRC)’s definition of viewability: an ad served with at least 50% of its pixels in the viewable portion of a browser for a minimum of one second. And since the MRC finally lifted its viewability advisory on March 31, the way has… Read More