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Hispanics make up an increasingly large percentage of the US population, which means that smart marketers need to keep this demographic in mind. Learn more about Hispanics’ media consumption habits in these three new infographics:   Also available on Slideshare.      

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Fake online ad traffic: it’s the digital industry’s latest hot-button issue. (See coverage from Ad Age and the Wall Street Journal this week alone.) But while it’s only recently leapt onto the radar in a big way, illegitimate traffic has plagued our industry for a long time, and it’s something we’ve been focused on addressing… Read More

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The Undertone team was thrilled to debut our mobile Future Proof Labs RV at SXSW Interactive last week! We welcomed nearly 300 clients and SXSW attendees to our activation, giving tours of the RV and enjoying discussions of how emerging technology will impact the way marketers will engage consumers.   Personalization and portability were the… Read More

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Wearables. Digital kiosks. Out-of-home technology. Our options for accessing the digital world are evolving rapidly—and here at Undertone, we want to help prepare brands to reach consumers through tomorrow’s technology. That’s why our new venture Future Proof Labs is dedicated to exploring the intersection of wearable tech and digital advertising through prototyping and testing emerging… Read More

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Today, the IAB announced the launch of the “Make Mobile Work” Initiative at their Annual Leadership Meeting, an initiative that aims to help the industry successfully adopt more mobile advertising. To kick off this program, Undertone has signed an open letter, alongside the IAB, Google, and other technology leaders and publishers, to help ignite a… Read More

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High impact digital ad formats are well known for driving higher response rates than standard display ads, and that’s no surprise: high impact ads’ large real estate and interactive features easily lend themselves to clicks, interactions, and engagement. But what kind of results can marketers expect from high impact campaigns in terms of branding metrics?… Read More

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Earlier this year the Better Business Bureau (BBB) released a compliance warning noting that a significant number of website operators are not satisfying the “Enhanced Notice” requirement of the Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising (OBA).  The basic tenets of these principles, set out by the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA), are notice and choice: give… Read More

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Being a sales professional is a career I truly enjoy. The satisfaction I receive from managing and helping people grow is personally rewarding. I manage a great team of sellers and am frequently asked how they can continue to grow and succeed. What makes a seller a really great seller? Why are some people more… Read More

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With the new year right around the corner, it’s time to look ahead: what’s in store for the digital industry in 2014? To find out, we polled nearly 600 marketers, agency buyers, creative, and publishers across a diverse array of industries. Their predictions are captured in infographic form, covering the following key areas: Understanding how… Read More

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We’re excited to announce the launch of our very own podcast series! Each episode will be hosted by Undertone co-founder, Eric Franchi, who will cover current industry hot topics with a special guest co-host. Our first episode features Undertone COO Corey Ferengul and covers some of the most popular topics of 2013 including viewability, programmatic,… Read More