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Undertone acquired Sparkflow, an all-in-one platform for cross-screen rich media advertising, in June 2015. This post comes from Sparkflow CEO and Co-Founder Gabriel Sanchez Cantena. It is never easy to undertake a project, to make a business work, to keep it competitive, growing and innovative. When we started Sparkflow two years ago, we had a powerful vision…. Read More

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Here at Undertone, we’ve long believed that large-canvas, impactful ad formats are necessary to create standout digital experiences for brands. To better understand the power of these high impact formats, we’ve invested in third-party research studies over the past few years with the goal of uncovering actionable insights for our clients. In late 2013, in… Read More

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This is the most exciting time in the history of media advertising.  Everyone is somehow confused and confident at the same time. Unlikely new alliances are forming Last week in Cannes, Bank of America, Pinterest, and Vice entered in a partnership described as an “unholy matrimony”.  Not long ago, Vice would have been on the… Read More

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At Undertone we believe deeply in the power of creative, and we invest heavily in technology and innovation. Digital screens are more fragmented and cluttered than ever, so it’s increasingly tough to get consumers’ attention; at the same time, the industry is undergoing rapid, complex changes that make the marketplace difficult to navigate. Brands need… Read More

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Mobile and desktop devices aren’t created equal. Everything is different about the way people interact with their phones – from the way they feel about the devices to how they actually use them. And while the interaction is different on a personal level, it also needs to be treated differently from a brand advertising perspective…. Read More

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Creativity and innovation. I’ve focused my career on those two concepts, and during my time at Undertone, I’ve witnessed firsthand the value placed on both. We’re constantly leveraging the creativity of our teams, not only in developing our unique cross-screen ad formats, but also in helping our clients design and build compelling ad experiences that… Read More

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On February 5-6, Future Proof Labs (Undertone’s Research & Development venture) hosted our first ever hack day at our San Francisco office. A hack day (or hackathon) is an event where engineers, designers, project managers, and anyone interested in building things comes together to create solutions around a given theme. It’s an exercise that’s becoming… Read More

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While the holiday shopping season is top-of-mind for everyone, smart retailers are thinking a little further ahead and taking post-holiday time into account as well. According to ShopperTrak, the day after Christmas is the fifth-busiest day of the year for shopping traffic – and the seventh highest in sales. Finding post-holiday bargains is a tradition… Read More

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There are no short cuts to getting to know people and an organization.  You have to be open and engaged, but the rest of it depends on “time in the chair.”  In my first seven weeks at Undertone, I’ve been to London, Germany, Chicago (twice), and attended ANA Masters, DMEXCO, IAB MIXX, Advertising Week, and… Read More

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Our acquisition of Upfront Digital Media in June of this year was an extremely exciting moment for Undertone. For the first time, we had access to our own programmatic capabilities, and we shared big plans to use those capabilities in a new and different way. Upfront came to us with a great product—one very aligned with Undertone,… Read More