Creative, targeting or media: what’s most important?

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One of the first people who ever bought a banner ad from me was Scott Witt. If I recall correctly, it was for the Sprint PCS account when he worked at Organic and I worked at back in 2000. Both of us remained working in the industry, but hadn’t run into each other for many years until recently at the iMedia Agency Summit in May. It was good to see him and catch up.

At this same event, Scott sat in on a panel discussion about general industry issues/growing pains. He made a statement that said something to the effect of, “there isn’t a problem that great creative can’t solve.” While that may or may not be the case in every instance, that statement popped back into my mind when I was chatting with the Undertone sales VP’s last Friday.

It is our job to make sure that we advise clients on the very best way to utilize our network in terms of sites, targeting and technology to deliver the right audience. However, none of these tools are optimized without great creative on the front end. Great creative informs the consumer, stands out on the website, elicits the desired action and leaves a lasting impression. At the same time, running unbelievable creative on bad websites or against the wrong audience won’t get you too far, either.

In my opinion, great creative can’t solve every problem, but it’s a hugely important piece of the pie – the pie being creative/media/targeting – for delivering the best campaign results possible. But what’s most important? I’d like to hear some opinions.


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  1. An informed strategy that informs everything you do from TV, to digital, from creative to media, from advertising to PR. You need to recognize what your opportunities are based on your product, your customers, and your competition. Then you need to make sure its well communicated to and executed by smart creative folks. SIMPLE.

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