The intersection of quality and scale

Every media aggregator can present a slide that features a who’s who of publisher logos. In today’s programmatic world, logos aren’t what differentiate – it’s the depth of relationships vendors have with publishers that count. At Undertone, we’re focused on building meaningful relationships with our publisher partners so we can unlock value and efficiencies for brands across screens. These partnerships allow us to access publishers’ best inventory across smartphone, tablet and desktop: prominent homepage placements, takeovers, interstitials, and large-canvas units like the IAB Rising Stars. These are the types of creative integrations typically only available through custom, one-off buys, but with Undertone they’re available at scale. And because we know our publishers inside and out, there are no unpleasant surprises: no concerns about inferior content or misaligned placements.


Cross-Screen Delivery

Web consumption continues to fragment across devices, which presents both challenges and opportunities to brands. Planning and executing digital campaigns in silos is becoming increasingly inefficient in today’s multi-screen world. At Undertone, we take a screen agnostic approach, from campaign planning and delivery through to measurement and optimization. Our Preferred Publisher Portfolio™ includes high quality inventory that spans mobile, tablet and desktop environments, and we’ve developed true cross-screen creative solutions, like ScreenShift®, a format built using responsive design that optimizes a single HTML5 creative seamlessly across screens.


Quality Matters

It’s common sense that running ads on low-quality sites can hurt your brand image. Conversely, running ads on high-quality, daily-use content sites can deliver a positive halo effect for your brand. A recent study conducted by IPG Media Lab for Undertone, revealed that the quality of the site a video ad appears on is the primary driver of brand perception, consumer intent, engagement, and overall satisfaction. Quality is so important to Undertone that we launched the industry’s first money-back quality guarantee in 2008 – a guarantee that is still unmatched in the industry today.