If you would like to opt out of OBA, then we offer “opt-out cookies” to block the tracking and placement of future Undertone cookies for OBA purposes on your system for five (5) years. We may increase this period, which means your opt-out choice will continue for a longer period. If you have multiple Internet browsers or users on the same computer, you will need to perform the opt-out operation for each browser and/or user. If you or your anti-virus or other software deletes the opt-out cookies from your computer, if you re-install your browser, or if you delete your cookies (which can happen if you clear or delete your browser history), then you will need to repeat the process. The opt-out cookies will not work while you have set your browser to ignore cookies.

Current Status
Opt-Out Click here to opt-out

To opt out of OBA by other NAI member companies, please visit the Network Advertising Initiative website here or the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) website here.

Please note that the above link for opt-out cookies is applicable to Undertone and Intercept Interactive, but not any other Undertone Entity website. Also, please note that use of the opt-out cookies will affect our ability to provide you content and advertisements that will more effectively match your interests. Please report any problems related to the opt-out process to privacy@undertone.com.