Undertone Ad System

Our proprietary tech stack, the Undertone Ad System, brings together data management, ad publishing, optimization, reporting dashboards, and a creative framework. This gives us complete control over ad delivery and measurement across screens and devices. UAS combines insights from thousands of prior campaigns with third party data and real-time conditions to ensure campaigns reach exactly the right audience. UAS has been architected to deliver a seamless creative experience, whether you’re running video, high impact or display campaigns, and whether those campaigns are being deployed across smartphones, tablets or desktops.


Undertone Impact Accelerator®

Undertone Impact Accelerator® is a proprietary framework that enables us to rapidly prototype and deploy new cross-screen high impact formats. This framework allows us to centrally manage and scale interactive functionality across formats and to make cross-format updates to ensure an optimal creative experience regardless of changes in Web and browser technology. All new formats built using Undertone Impact Accelerator® are developed in HTML5 using responsive design, so they serve seamlessly across smartphones, tablets, and desktops.



Workflow is Undertone’s proprietary software stack that is a central component of UAS and allows us to monitor every campaign throughout its lifecycle. Through Workflow, our teams can seamlessly manage and traffic campaigns, QA creative, optimize in real-time, and report on campaign performance. Every Undertone team that touches your campaign uses Workflow, allowing us to provide a higher level of service and uncover efficiencies that help you get the most from your buy.