10 Tips to Create Highly-Engaging Digital Creative

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Creative matters. The best examples evoke the types of intense emotions that connect consumers with brands. It’s the difference between grabbing attention in a split second and being wholly ignored. Great and emotionally resonant creative drives awareness, brand affinity, deep engagement, and promotes purchase intent.

With that in mind, we’ve put together 10 tips for all marketers looking to make their mark in digital creative:

  1. Use Energy Wisely- There is only a certain amount of energy a consumer will spend on an ad.  Don’t make the user work too hard to interact, be entertained or get educated.
  2. Be Concise, Be Focused- Provide an intuitive, simple narrative. Feature/functionality overload divides attention, increases frustration, and slows down loading time.
  3. Offer Instant Gratification- Consumers prefer to interact quickly, make an impact, and move on.  A simple slider is preferable to an unsatisfying game.
  4. Entertain, Then Educate- Brief opening animations disarm consumers into learning what a brand has to offer.
  5. Set The Mood- Preferably a positive one that will be met with happiness or surprise.  A negative reaction is not the worst outcome – feeling nothing is.
  6. Design For Specific Devices- Don’t rob the user of a thoughtful, engaging experience. Design for the touch event if on a mobile device. If it’s a responsive ad, be sure to change copy and functionality for the appropriate device.
  7. Keep Intro Animations Brief- These should not be longer than 3-5 seconds. You risk losing the user’s attention with every added second.
  8. Let’s Get Physical, Physical- Take physical attributes (like finger sizes) into account when designing for mobile experiences. Functionalities in close proximity to one another may cause the wrong action.
  9. Use Native Smartphone Functionality Thoughtfully- These include shake, tilt, twist, and pan. Limit to 1 functionality and 2-3 frames, with the 2nd or 3rd frame being the final frame.
  10. Make Calls To Action Visible- Large buttons are more likely to be noticed than small ones.  While there are certainly limits, a general rule of thumb is that a call-to-action button should be easy to find, without spoiling the design of a layout.  Be bold.



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