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In the old “desktop” world, Adobe’s Flash was always perceived as the “hero.” For 19 years, Flash helped advertisers develop unique digital ad creative and capture consumer attention online. However, Flash was not without its flaws. As the world transitioned from desktop to cross-screen, these flaws continued to become more and more apparent.

While Flash has been unable to adapt to new screens and devices, HTML5 by comparison, has had a relatively easy time. While HTML5 was quietly being adopted by forward-thinking marketers, Flash was steadily building a reputation for causing security issues and fostering a less-than-friendly experience for consumers. In today’s cross-screen world, Flash is undoubtedly the “villain.”

We’ve created a fun infographic to highlight this “epic” battle! Please download and don’t forget to share!

flash 1

The online advertising industry should be rejoicing, as HTML5 is better for advertisers, publishers and consumers the world over. These are the reasons why HTML5 trumps Flash every time:

Minimizes wasted ad dollars – Unlike HTML5, Flash ads served on Chrome browsers won’t actually play, wasting millions of advertiser dollars.

Optimized for mobile creative HTML5 ads can be built responsively, ensuring a seamless experience with one creative build, saving money and time.

Optimized for video – HTML5 natively supports on demand and live video streaming sources, Flash doesn’t.

Maximizes scale & reach HTML5 ads can be served and viewed on any device, web browser or operating system, increasing the likelihood that ads will be seen.

Better user experience – Uses minimal CPU which decreases likelihood for ad to “break” or crash a browser like in Flash.

Development platform neutral – It is not restricted to the will of a single company, rather open to all developers across all platforms.

Designed for future screens & experiences HTML5 creative will enable new advertising experiences, and allow brands to seamlessly reach users in new places and new ways.

Undertone was an early adopter, executing ads in HTML5 since 2013. Not only can we guide clients through the transition, we can also help execute their HTML5 campaigns. Our PIXL Studios creative team provides design and build support for historically Flash-dependent creative such as Rising Stars and rich media banners. Our single tag, single build solutions allow clients to seamlessly run and optimize creative across screens and devices.

The demise of Flash should not derail advertiser creative development, nor should it hinder creativity. With the right partner, brands can develop their cross-screen creative intelligently and efficiently, creating rich, immersive experiences that drive true consumer engagement. Check out some examples of our best HTML5 campaigns, and you’ll see that what we say is true. Creativity prevails in HTML5.

The death of Flash may be scary for some, but the future with HTML5 is bright for brands. In today’s online ecosystem where change is the norm, HTML5 ensures that brands will be ready to accept it and adapt to it. In the end, HTML5 is the hero.428x1035

Sekou White

As member of Undertone’s Product marketing team, Sekou is responsible for crafting product messaging and positioning, developing go-to-market strategy for new products as well as developing innovative marketing programs that will help drive market awareness and demand. He has a diverse marketing background with over 13 years of experience in the technology, entertainment and media industries. Sekou holds an MBA from NYU’s Stern School of Business and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Boston University.


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