Wireless in the skies?

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airplane.JPGHere is some information on what in-flight Internet access may look like.  I’m excited by the fact that phone service is still a while away, both from a congressional approval and technology standpoint.  As I’ve written before, the last thing I want on a long flight is someone screaming away on their cell phone. 

What’s most interesting to me about wireless in the skies is where can it go?  While some airlines will look to charge $10 a day for the service, will others opt for open networks or contract with a third party company that offers an advertising model?  With a reported 5 million commercial fliers worldwide each day, it’s a sizable audience.  If you can tap into these travelers with specific behavioral or geo-targeted offers, you will have many advertisers interested.  I think it’s a long way out before a flight headed from New York to Orlando is greeted by specific Disney or Universal ads, but it is a possibility. 

As a consumer, would you allow for relevant and targeted messages on your flight for free wireless access?


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