Campaigning on the Internet

| Political Advertising

democrat_and_republican_symbols1.jpgWith the 2008 presidential election approximately 525 days away, the race is already beginning to heat up.  Candidates have declared, big wigs are making contributions and fighting over who gets to host the best dinner parties, and the grassroots committees are forming. 

In 2004, we worked pretty extensively with the John Kerry campaign.  Although they were not successful in their quest, the Kerry camp made the Internet a priority and invested significantly in promoting their website and trying to sway public opinion.  The 2008 election will take that to the next level.  As marketers, I suggest watching what the political advertisers do online.  They need to stand out, be creative and go big.  They also have a set timeframe because come November 5, 2008 there will be no prize for second place. 


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