Focus on Dynamic Ad Creative Continues to Grow

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In late June Undertone announced the official release of in-house dynamic targeting and creative solutions. Not long after, Ad Exchanger broke the news that Collective Media had plans to acquire Tumri, a dynamic creative ad tech company. Good move on Collective’s part. The Ad Exchanger and follow-up articles highlight the consolidation of these tech providers under several media outlets, further validating the industry’s focus on dynamic creative solutions.

Since releasing our proprietary Undertone Ad Server™ (UAS) in July 2009, we’ve been focused on efficient targeting and delivery options for our clients. The addition of dynamic targeting and creative to UAS furthers our momentum and allows us to provide seamless creative services. We’re thrilled to offer in-house solutions that meet the needs of our advertisers. Furthermore, we’re committed to continued innovation and finding new ways to help Undertone clients make an impact online.

Visit our website to see sample executions and learn more about dynamic targeting and dynamic creative.


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