Standout Brand Experiences™ — a Purpose and a Promise

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Digital isn’t about devices anymore. It’s possible to have digital functionality in nearly every item you own. We are quite literally surrounded by digital tools, apps, sites, videos, games, devices and yes, advertising.

And yet, brand marketers are still struggling to make digital work. Media clutter has created an attention economy made even more challenging by consumers that have developed an armor-plated capacity to ignore marketing appeals – particularly in the digital space.

There is a cacophony of voices debating what needs to be done to “fix” digital media to accelerate the shift of brand dollars to digital. Of all the voices, none matter more than our customers, which is why we spent a big part of 2011 listening.

We spoke to advertisers who represented over $8 billion in digital spend in 2010 — and publishers who accounted for over $1 billion in digital ad revenue. We spent hundreds of hours interviewing at every level, from senior VPs to junior planners. The findings weren’t surprising — just overwhelmingly consistent.

The future for brands IS digital. Marketers are starved for solutions that will create immersive brand experiences that stand out and get noticed. The market research did more than just affirm the massive market opportunity in front of us; it gave us a renewed sense of purpose.

You’ll see that purpose reflected wherever you see Undertone. On our website, in our product roadmap, our sales presentations, our proposals — in the superior service our clients have come to expect.

At Undertone, our mission is to make digital media, in all its current and emerging forms, work as a platform for creating experiences that can build brands over time — and sales overnight. We call this promise delivering Standout Brand Experiences™. And we’ll do it by combining the best creative, context, people and technology.

We’re in a unique position to help make the Web a better place for brands. There are a lot of exciting developments ahead: New partnerships, new products, new offerings. In the meantime, we’d love to continue to hear more: what is a Standout Brand Experience to you?


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