The Truth in Video Pledge

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In digital video there is often a significant difference between the ads brands think they are buying and the ads that are actually being delivered. We hear plenty of horror stories of advertisers thinking they’re buying premium in-stream inventory, when the reality is they’re getting auto-play inventory that’s often running below-the-fold.

At Undertone, we think it’s time to Play at a Higher Levelby elevating the ethics and best practices of digital video advertising. To demonstrate our commitment to increasing the transparency of video advertising, we’ve joined a new movement called the Truth in Video Pledge. We’re making our voice heard alongside some key figures from the world of digital media:

Dave Martin
SVP of Media at Ignited

Adam Kasper
EVP of Partnerships & Investments at Havas Digital
Tamara Bousquet
Executive Media Director at MEA Digital


Kazi Ahmed
VP/Group Digital Director at Mullen

To find out more about the Truth in Video Pledge and to make your voice heard, visit


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