A New Kind of Partnership

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Automation and programmatic buying are hot topics right now. In fact, given the buzz these topics are generating in the press and at industry conferences, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the future of media buying is 100% automated.

At Undertone, we think a bit differently. We think that close strategic relationships between agencies and vendors are essential for successful media buying, and will continue to be so for a long time. That philosophy is what prompted us to recently launch our Preferred Partner Program — a program that focuses on delivering more strategic value to participating agencies.

All too often campaigns are planned and executed in a vacuum. That’s fine to a point, but it doesn’t deliver economies of scale and we don’t think it enables agencies to get the best out of their vendors. Our Preferred Partner Program enables us to step back from tactical campaign planning and look more broadly at the overall agency relationship. In doing this, we can develop partnerships that deliver agencies more competitive pricing, access to exclusive media opportunities and a suite of added value services.

Since introducing the program we have seen a strong demand from agencies. Just last week we announced our latest partnership with Harmelin Media, and there are more announcements coming soon.

So, while automation will continue to be an important part of media buying, we think the benefits of strategic partnerships shouldn’t be overlooked. Because when you find the right partners to support your digital efforts on a macro rather than just micro level, I guarantee you’ll improve the results of your digital campaigns.

Alan Schanzer works directly with Undertone clients to guide the strategic application of its Ad Solutions that best align with brands goals and objectives. Market intelligence gained through Alan’s efforts help to drive the company’s product innovation and refinement. He is a graduate of Syracuse University and a frequent speaker and contributor at agency and industry events.


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