Amplified Awareness When it Matters Most

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Multi-screen multi-tasking is the new reality, so how do you successfully capture consumers’ attention when it matters most, regardless of which screen(s) they’re on? At Undertone, we get it: That’s why we’ve launched TimeBlock™, a cross-screen, cross-format solution for campaigns when awareness and timing are critical.

TimeBlock works by giving a single advertiser priority in Undertone’s ad server for a specified time period. During that window, an impression blast is delivered across all available ad units and devices—Web, mobile, and tablet – to amplify brand messages. And because there can only be one front-of-line spot, TimeBlock provides an exclusive opportunity for you to get your message out when it’s most relevant to your campaign.

So when does TimeBlock make most sense? 

Let’s say you want to highlight a major sporting event, tie in with retail flash sales and in-store promotions, align with stock market openings or closings, complement high-profile television campaigns, or drive sales at peak booking times and days. Any of these, and more, are prime examples of when TimeBlock is most effective.

During beta testing, one of our clients executed TimeBlock to amplify the effect of their primetime TV sponsorships. The campaign is just drawing to a close and we look forward to sharing the results in the near future!


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