Announcing our new partnership with Spaceback

| High Impact + Social Media

Undertone is excited to announce our partnership with Spaceback, the first platform to deliver the engagement of social with the efficiencies of programmatic advertising by dynamically converting your social media posts into our high impact units!

Here are some of the benefits that brands can enjoy from our new partnership:


– Beautiful high impact creative based on social media posts which ensure unparalleled engagement of users


– Ultrafast creative production: within minutes, brands can produce and customize high impact units based on their social media posts


– Combat ad blindness and invite engagement by letting social lead the way. Our partnership with Spaceback enables brands to overlay social media on top of their branded creative content


Here’s How It Works

Now that you know a bit about Spaceback, here’s how you can launch Spaceback Social media posts within Undertone’s Brand Reveal Format for an engaging and unique experience on premium publishers:


1. Select from your carefully curated catalogue of social media posts on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter


2. With the push of a button, and in seconds, re-create a post in an industry standard ad tag, with rich interactions, multiple exits, and engagement tracking


3. Leverage high impact ads as familiar as a social post to your audience


Contact us to learn more about how Undertone and Spaceback can help your brand today!


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