Art and Science in Digital Ad Sales

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Reading the industry news these days only serves to remind us how complicated and fragmented our ecosystem has become. I find myself deeply engaged in Rubik’s Cube conversations that are scientific in nature – hypothesizing data, media, technology and platforms – in the interest of getting computer users to take an interest in an advertiser’s product.

To innovate our way into the next phase, there is a group of us online professionals who must think scientifically to propel businesses forward. I enjoy the science a great deal, and as much as the new science of online media is evolving, I still marvel at the wonderful art that is being created everyday in our industry.

My time is spent with the Undertone sales teams and customers. They are artists. I witness people sharing stories and connecting with customers in emotive and human ways. Art is human, personal, expressive, and genuine. So is the sales function. Friendships are bonded at parties, lunches, manicures and coffee shops. Trust is established, and giving and receiving are made into cooperative commerce between sellers and buyers.

I’ve witnessed more online business transacted in personal, artistic, emotional ways than any algorithmic, venture-capitalist, ROI-centric sales pitch could ever accomplish. Billions of dollars are decided because of customers’ appreciation for art. Our industry grows because of art – not science.


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