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Today I had a great sales meeting with an agency I had never met or done business with before. Here’s the catch – it only lasted about five minutes.

The meeting went something like this:

UNDERTONEong=””>: “I know we only have a few minutes so let’s get started. Tell me what is keeping you busy.”

CLIENT: “I am beginning to plan for brand 1, 2, and 3.”

UNDERTONE: “Oh good – will you be using ad networks for your brands?”

CLIENT: “Yes, we will be.”

UNDERTONE: “Great – we haven’t worked together before and would like the opportunity to do so. Can we get all the RFPs for your brands and work together this year and next?”

CLIENTong=””>: “Yes, you will receive the RFPs. We are open to working with you.” quote=””>

Seriously, that was the whole meeting before this agency had to jump on a client call. With only five minutes there is no time for small talk. As a matter of fact, whether you have five minutes or fifty, you have to remember what your mother always told you: it never hurts to ask.

Well, mom, I’m going a step farther and saying we should all be prepared to just ASK


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