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With the decline of cookies, many marketers have become overly focused on 3rd party data (audience targeting), rather than focusing on a blend of multiple types of data and targeting. The right blend usually includes 1st party targeting, 3rd party targeting, contextual targeting, retargeting, and geographic targeting:

  • 1st party targeting – Brands collect information directly from their audiences or customers. It can be CRM or subscription data, or it can be data collected from behaviors on their website or purchases. When 1st party targeting is being used, ads are served to the users in these lists of 1stparty data.
  • 3rd party targeting – 3rd party data is purchased from data providers (such as DSPs or DMPs). They aggregate data from different sources and then package it up to be used to serve ads to relevant users. This data can be collected from user-inputted data (like surveys), observed data from a user’s online activity, or inferred data such as interests that are inferred from a user’s online activity.
  • Contextual targeting – This type of targeting means placing ads that are relevant to the content of the website. For example, a sneaker company advertising on a running-related content website.
  • Retargeting – Ads that are re-served to users who have already seen a brand’s ads or have connected with the brand in some way (like visiting a website). This can be used for different strategies such as brand awareness or conversions.
  • Geographic – Targeting specific geographic areas based on where the user’s request comes from. For example, if a store only has locations in the Northwestern US, they might want to target users that are currently in these areas.


With the decline of cookies, marketers will shift resources toward and away from some of these tactics, and some may even become obsolete over time.   At Undertone, we believe that contextual targeting, for example, will become even more important over time, so we offer multiple blending and targeting techniques in order to reach a brand’s intended audience.   Please contact us to learn more about the right data blend for your objectives.



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