Environmental, Social & Governance


Undertone is committed to implementing practices & setting goals in order to make a positive impact on society & environmental sustainability. For us, this means giving back to underrepresented communities, leading the way towards safer advertising practices, and giving back to causes that lower pollution, CO2 output, and reduce waste. It also means having a diverse and inclusive workforce, at the entry-level and all the way up to the board of directors.


Green Media Solutions:

Undertone is now offering Green Media Products powered by Scope3 emissions data to help clients avoid climate risk and make a cleaner digital advertising ecosystem. Green Media Products (GMP’s) are low emissions media packages measured by Scope3 data that can be utilized on any campaign, direct or programmatic, and across all Undertone formats: High Impact Display, Video & CTV. All campaign delivery is monitored and measured by Scope3 and reporting on campaign emissions will be provided by Undertone to any Advertiser utilizing this feature.  


The Uplift Collective is a dedicated network comprised of diverse-owned publishers, including women and LGBTQIA+ owned media. For each campaign that runs on the Collective, Undertone will be donating a portion of the proceeds to relevant charities & organizations

This network enables Undertone to connect diverse publishers with direct demand opportunities from premium advertisers – while providing brands the ability to uplift underrepresented communities through intentional media buys and donations.


For the past several years, Undertone has partnered with Givsly. Givsly is an advertising and marketing solution that helps companies incorporate giving back and values into their marketing strategies. By partnering with them, their tools are able to drive higher performance for marketing and advertising while taking on all the heavy lifting of working with the nonprofits through various implementations. We work with them on various initiatives throughout the year, all tied to giving back and making an impact in our communities. In 2022 we won the award for “Most Impactful Company” and we recently rolled out a new advertising solution in partnership with them, that involves a charitable donation from each advertisement delivered.

CSR Initiatives:

Every year our parent company, Perion, gives employees 40 work hours to volunteer. Our community projects focus on the basics: education and food, and we partner with local NGOs to support innovative community programs that make a difference. ​​We also have a corporate donation matching program and if any employee wants to participate in a charity walk, clean-up etc, we will sponsor them!

In addition to the corporate level giving programs, Undertone has a monthly CSR program where we highlight specific causes that we feel strongly about. Throughout the month, we provide educational updates, resources and donations to these non-profits in need. An example from this year was the work we did highlighting “Plastic Oceans International”. This is a US-based non-profit organization whose goal is to end plastic pollution and to foster sustainable communities worldwide.

Consumer Privacy:

Undertone believes that consumer privacy is a right. As our industry began to shift away from cookies and towards more ethical solutions, Undertone wanted to take a stand and be at the forefront of what will be remembered as a pivotal transformation in Marketing. In 2021 we launched “SORT”, a privacy-first technology that allows brands to reach consumers without any personally-identifiable information. Over a year later and this technology has been adopted by over 200 advertisers and is outperforming traditional based targeting methods by up to 2x.

“Work-From-Anywhere” Policies:

As the world we knew so abruptly changed in 2020, Undertone had to act fast and be willing to create a “new normal”. After hearing directly from employees and weighing all options, we decided to implement a permanent “work from anywhere” policy. This new policy was met with optimism and has helped us impact our environment in such a positive manner. Less cars on the road equates to less CO2 being emitted into the air. Less people in the office reduces things such as food waste, lighting, heat, usage of paper products such as for printing, laptops vs desktops and the list goes on. Work from anywhere is here to stay and we couldn't be happier with the outcome.