Content meets distribution at scale

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Content meets distribution at scale

As we move into 2020, digital audiences are savvier than ever.  Brands need to provide a more meaningful message to consumers across digital.   It’s crucial that brands create and align content relevant to consumers, or else they risk limited brand recall.  Relevant content to a digital consumer provides a meaningful value exchange. “Read my message consumer, and I’ll deliver you valuable information that’s relevant to you, while also educating about my brand.”

Content (Editorial Sponsorships, Contextual alignment, and Custom Content Creation) are important digital tactics that are tried and true.  These tactics should create a synchronized digital story, by providing content and syndication cross-screen and cross-platform.

Why do I think content and the value exchange are so important?

Content humanizes brands, and provides a value exchange to a consumer.  If a brand cannot provide value in our current ecosystem, they won’t be as relevant as banner blindness increases.  Thought provoking, inspiring content alignment fuels consumer engagement, thus driving ROI. The goal is to evoke emotion via the value exchange it provides.

If we can achieve this through unique content alignment, consumers will remember our brand campaigns over others, producing brand affinity, higher brand/product recall, positive association, and ultimately leading to more sales of products.

Content syndication strategy is crucial, and smart marketers must focus on getting it in front of the right user, at the right time, in a unique way.  At Undertone, for example, we’ve developed exclusive content partnerships with top endemic publishers like The Associated Press and Hecho Studios, allowing us to leverage editorial and custom content within our high impact formats at scale, in a very creative and unique way that outperforms standard brand messages.


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