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Beyond December 25: Why Retailers Need to Focus on Post-Holiday Shopping

While the holiday shopping season is top-of-mind for everyone, smart retailers are thinking a little further ahead and taking post-holiday t...



Programmatic Trends

If digital advertising had a word of the year, 2014’s might well have been “programmatic”. But underneath all the buzz, what’s reall...

Culture + Industry

60 Days In: What I’ve Learned About Undertone

There are no short cuts to getting to know people and an organization.  You have to be open and engaged, but the rest of it depends on “t...



Virtuoso™: Automation Meets the Art of Advertising

Our acquisition of Upfront Digital Media in June of this year was an extremely exciting moment for Undertone. For the first time, we had acc...


Industry + Technology

Ensuring Location Data Accuracy

Hyper-local targeting – the ability to deliver impressions to consumers based on their real-time or historical location information – of...


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