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Join us at the upcoming Internet Advertising Bureau’s ‘Mobile Programmatic 101’ event, where Undertone’s Executive Director, EMEA, Cameron Hulett, will join a panel of industry experts to debate the effect mobile programmatic has on creativity.

As mobile programmatic firmly establishes itself as both an effective and efficient way of buying and selling mobile inventory, it has never been more important to understand this growing area of the market. The criticism of programmatic’s potentially disastrous effect on creativity mainly rests on the perception that it is incompatible with high impact ‘big idea’ advertising. However, with the current rate of technological development there is enormous potential for programmatic to move from standard banner ads to engaging, creative content.

This event offers essential practical guidance on all things mobile programmatic, covering everything from how programmatic on mobile differs from desktop, through to the use of data to leverage the opportunity. The debate, which will end the day, will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the merits and challenges posed by mobile programmatic in 2015. Not to be missed!

The debate will take place on Tuesday, 27 January 13:45 – 14:30 at The IAB Offices (14 Macklin Street, London, WC2B 5NF). Click here to register today.


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