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Recently, our CEO, Mike Cassidy gave every employee a copy of the book The Go-Giver. The very gesture says a lot about our company culture. The book says even more. That shifting our focus from getting to giving – putting others‘ interests first and continually adding value to their lives – can generate great returns.

It started with a referral from Tony Franklin, one of our Sales Directors. Every day, Tony sends inspirational quotes to a sizable list of subscribers, including the Undertone employees. I have no idea how he manages to find something compelling to share every day, 52 weeks a year, but Tony does. Obviously he’s pulling inspiration from books like The Go-Giver, which he liked so much, he passed on to Mike.

This week, Tony was part of the Undertone team headed to iMedia in Austin, TX. We sent sales directors Russ Bley and John Yearout and Events Manager Tamsyn ten Krooden along with Eric Franchi, our head of biz dev. Eric was tasked with giving the Undertone presentation; our goal was to use the slot not to sell, but to educate. To provide perspective on the changing industry landscape and add value to the agency attendees. By mid-morning Tuesday, our office was buzzing with news about how Eric “nailed it“ and our staff was sharing tweets about how it was one of the best vendor presentations “ever” at an iMedia. Later, we found out Undertone was the only vendor to score 5 out of 5 in the feedback session. Sweet, right??

It gets better. One of the attendees shared a blog post you won’t want to miss. In 500-some words, it reinforces one of the key tenets of what it means to be a Go-Giver. “All things being equal, people will do business with — and refer business to— those people they know, like and trust.”

I’m obviously proud of the folks that represented us at iMedia, especially Eric for his “A+” (another direct quote) presentation. But more, these tweets and posts affirm what it means to be an Undertonie. We are in the business of brand marketing. To hear our “brand” (values/culture) captured so eloquently in the voice of the customer is intensely gratifying. Our brand isn’t defined by our logo or our guarantee…it’s defined by every interaction with every customer.

If you haven’t read The Go-Giver yet, maybe this inspires you to crack the book! Hope you enjoy it (and that blog post!) as much as I did.


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