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This week Google announced the launch of its DoubleClick Ad Exchange (AdX 2.0) which allows advertisers and ad networks to real-time bid (or RTB) on impressions from the hundreds of thousands of sites within the Google Content Network. Basically, it’s a big deal when Google makes a move like this because it portends change of some kind – some will benefit, others will not. Check out the many varying opinions in the marketplace here, including our own Eric Franchi.

Nate Woodman at Havas was the only commentator I’ve read so far who surfaced a sensitive issue for publishers that I remember from my publisher days: being too dependent on Google for revenue. At my previous employer, Google accounted for approximately 10% of company revenue by just serving up text ads. Imagine if Google was so competent technologically they could produce a huge revenue share from display ads too – now what? Is a 100-year-old publisher comfortable with 40% of its revenue coming from a frenemy? That kind of dependency is scary for a big media company, which may result in AdX 2.0 staying a long tail platform.

There are lots of opinions about this new product out there. Let me know what you’ve heard.


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