Quality Matters

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It’s good to see that there have been lots of studies conducted recently touting the benefits of advertising across premium content sites. The latest study reports that ad effectiveness scores are considerably higher across OPA member sites as compared to the Internet at large. This makes sense because OPA sites are less cluttered and run fewer ads per page than long tail sites, produce their own content and are great brands.

The findings in this study are important because strong performance across OPA sites equals strong performance across Undertone, since we partner with many of these publishers. Even outside of the OPA member list, our quality controls take into account all the attributes that make for a superior advertising environment: great content and brand, clean layout and visible ad unit placements.

I suspect we’ll see more and more studies like this in the marketplace in the coming months. I look forward to reading them as they confirm one of our core beliefs here at Undertone: quality matters.


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