Future Proof LabsSM

Undertone's Future Proof LabsSM keeps advertisers ahead of tomorrow’s branding challenges with groundbreaking consumer research around the next wave of marketing technology.

Our Philosophy

If there’s a better way to do it, we’ll find it. While competitors may conceptualise possible solutions, our focus is on building real prototypes and proof-of-concepts. Our goal is to explore emerging marketing technology that helps our clients stand apart from competitors.

Our Focus



Prototyping & testing new digital ad formats & business models Researching industry verticals & pinpointing most impactful formats Exploring the impact of next-gen and tech on advertising & new product development


Showcasing emerging technology to media agencies Launching test campaigns for premium clients in closed & live environments Bringing "first-to-market" digital experiences to life

Areas of Exploration

Digital out-of-home

Interactive in-store kiosks & displays (digital signage, billboards, & more)

Facial Recognition

Integrated DOOH cameras can determine gender, mood, and approximate age to customise messaging


BLE-enabled devices can send coupons to your phone; mapping apps can offer indoor navigation and more

Cross-screen digital

Disruptive multi-device ads via Connected TVs, smartphones, tablets & more

Wearable Technology

NFC, Beacons, Smart Watches, Fitness bands, Sewn-in clothing identifiers

The Mobile Lab

An extension of Future Proof Labs hosted in a traveling RV, the Mobile Lab tours the U.S. visiting brands and agencies. Hands-on demonstrations of emerging technologies and their advertising applications are featured, including optical recognition, wearables, beacons, digital out of home, and connected appliances.

Minneapolis: 8/4-8/5

Chicago: 8/7-8-12

Cincinnati: 8/14

Boston: 8/17-8/18

Syracuse : 8/20

Connecticut: 8/24

Westchester: 8/25

New Jersey: 8/26-8/27

Philadelphia: 8/28

Washington DC : 8/31

North Carolina: 9/2

South Florida: 9/8-9/11

Atlanta: 9/14-9/17

Birmingham: 9/18

Dallas: 9/21-9/22

Denver: 9/24-9/25

Your brand + future proof labs

Our Future Proof Labs include a diverse lineup of emerging ad technology demonstrations, research studies, and partnership opportunities that can feature your brand.

Ways to Participate:


Proof-of-concept; complimentary opportunity for select clients in exchange for press participation

First-looks + Exclusives

Paid opportunity for selected clients to test market viability

Prototypes + Solutions

Custom proof-of-concept solution based on customer objectives


Primary research initiatives to help clients with discovery and user testing

Future Proof RV

Prominently featured in demos on the Future Proof RV

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