High Impact Advertising Across Screens: New Research

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Here at Undertone, we’ve long believed that large-canvas, impactful ad formats are necessary to create standout digital experiences for brands. To better understand the power of these high impact formats, we’ve invested in third-party research studies over the past few years with the goal of uncovering actionable insights for our clients.

In late 2013, in partnership with IpsosASI, we released our first high impact study, which found that high impact ads are successful at driving key branding metrics and consumer actions. (For example, they increase brand recognition by 142%, and are 61% more likely to be shared than standard banner ads.) However, that study focused primarily on the desktop experience.

To connect with consumers in today’s mobile-first world, brands need to be present across screens, not just on desktops. So this year we launched the second phase of our study (again with the Ipsos team) to investigate how high impact ads perform on mobile devices. We partnered with DISH, Ford, Maybelline, and Kraft to test nine different ad formats across smartphones, tablets, and desktops. Our key findings include:

  1. It’s gotten harder to stand out on desktop alone. Cross-screen campaigns drive higher ad recall compared to desktop-only.
  2. High impact formats are essential to stand out on mobile devices. Banners don’t cut it when it comes to grabbing consumers’ attention on smartphones and tablets.
  3. High impact formats connect across every age segment. Mobile brand messaging isn’t just for millennials; high impact formats drive ad recall and brand impact across all segments.
  4. Smaller screens are still able to deliver effective messages. Small screen size doesn’t mean brands can’t connect or deliver complex messages – they just need to use the real estate wisely.

high impact research findings

Looking for exact metrics and a deeper dive into the findings? Join our webinar at 1 pm EST on July 22, when we’ll discuss how we conducted the research, what we found, and what it means for digital marketers. Register now!

Laura brings nearly 20 years’ of digital advertising research experience to the Insights team and Undertone’s clients. Former roles include leadership of the Strategic Research practice at About.com, and serving as a brand-direct consultant to clients in CPG, Retail, Tech, Healthcare, Finance, and Media. Known for providing actionable insights, Laura has been a featured speaker at ANA Digital & Social, Marketing 2 Moms, ePharma, and Internet Week NY. She is a former Research Committee Chair of the Association of Magazine Media and has a B.A. from Rutgers University.


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