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Today, the IAB announced the launch of the “Make Mobile Work” Initiative at their Annual Leadership Meeting, an initiative that aims to help the industry successfully adopt more mobile advertising. To kick off this program, Undertone has signed an open letter, alongside the IAB, Google, and other technology leaders and publishers, to help ignite a conversation across the industry and serve as a call-to-action to marketers to re-think how they approach mobile advertising.

You can see the Mobile Open Letter here

Why do we need an initiative?
Over the past few years, we’ve seen a massive shift in the way consumers access content. Today, nearly half of the population has a mobile phone with Internet access*, and one out of five pageviews on the Web occur on a mobile device – a number that is growing every month.**  But we still haven’t seen advertising dollars move to mobile devices at the same speed that consumers have. What has prevented the industry from following on the heels of consumer behavior?

Building ad campaigns across screens — for desktops, smartphones, and tablets — requires changes in the way the industry has become accustomed to executing digital campaigns:

  • Creative agencies need to adopt new development languages and standards for building mobile-compatible ad creative – specifically, the use of HTML5.
  • Media agencies need to implement different media buying and targeting strategies to reach people on mobile devices.
  • Marketers need to change the way they plan their digital display campaigns.
  • Publishers need to ensure their mobile properties can accept the new mobile display formats.

It’s time for our industry make these changes, because it’s clear that cross-device consumption is only going to increase. Advertisers need to embrace the new technologies and make sure their ad campaigns can run smoothly and successfully across all screens. it’s an issue we’ve been focused on here at Undertone over the past year, and it led us to start developing new ad formats using the Undertone Impact Accelerator™ framework. All formats built with this framework, such as ScreenShift®, are developed in HTML5 and use responsive design, so they serve seamlessly across smartphones, tablets, and desktops. We designed this framework to help advertisers easily reach consumers with a great-looking ad experience regardless of device type.

The IAB’s “Make Mobile Work” Initiative includes:

(1) The Mobile Open Letter:
Signed by 16 publishers in the US and five publishers in the UK, the letter begins the conversation and asks marketers to rethink their mobile advertising strategy.

(2) The Mobile Checklist for Marketers:
Provides marketers with the talking points they need to ensure their agencies are building successful mobile campaigns.

(3) Webinar Series:
Over the year, the IAB will dive into each of the items from the checklist, to educate marketers further about the keys to successful mobile campaigns.

Undertone is excited to join industry leaders in this initiative. We hope to invigorate the development of successful mobile campaigns from the top down, so that marketers, agencies, and publishers can all take advantage of these new opportunities.


*eMarketer, “US Mobile Phone Internet Users and Penetration, 2012-2017.”

Sal Candela

Sal is responsible for shaping Undertone’s mobile strategy and driving mobile ad sales amongst agencies and brands. In this role, Sal is charged with educating clients about the benefits of mobile advertising, as well as ensuring that Undertone’s mobile strategy aligns with marketplace demand and trends. He is frequently tapped by leading publications for his views on the mobile marketplace and has been featured in The Huffington Post, MarketWatch, AdAge, and AdExchanger. In 2012, he was individually recognized as an innovator when named as one of the AdWeek 50. Follow Sal on Twitter @salcandela.


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