Will Digital Kill the TV Spot?

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On October 7, I participated in a “Will Digital Kill the TV Spot?” panel at the National Press Club. It turned out to be a great conversation! Here’s a quick recap of key points from the presentation:

  • Digital isn’t replacing TV – they’re growing together.
    • The spend gap between TV and digital ads is narrowing, but spend is still growing for both! They will continue to coexist.
  • TV and digital ad campaigns need to complement each other.
    • Don’t take an “either/or” approach: think holistically about your advertising plans.
    • Consumers’ focus is often divided between TVs, smartphones, and tablets—all at the same time. Amplify your messaging by playing to the strengths of each medium.
  • Many tools exist to integrate TV and digital campaigns.
    • TV Targeting: reach TV audiences online to extend your reach or frequency.
    • Online video: maximize your investment in your TV creative, and add interactive elements for online audiences.
    • Cross-screen measurement: new technologies enable you to measure reach, frequency, and audience overlap across both TV and digital.
  • Integrated campaigns will only become more important in the future
    • Look to emerging technologies such as wearables, connected TV, digital out-of-home.

Have more questions about the presentation or how integrated campaigns can best work for you? Let us know!


Erin Vieira has carved out a reputation as an innovative new media consultant for associations, advocacy groups, political candidates and consumer brands in the mid-Atlantic region. Her effective understanding of cutting-edge advertising models continues as Undertone’s leader in the region, having opened the firm’s first D.C. office. Previously, Erin served on the launch team for POLITICO, which revolutionized political reporting with one of the most successful media launches in decades. In her role as National Account Executive she achieved the status of Top Sales representative during her tenure as well as being named “POLITICO of the Month” and “Sales Person of the Month.” Erin's new media experience includes her tenure at Yahoo as an Account Executive; while there she was a top representative and was named multiple times to the President’s Club based on performance.


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