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Recently at the IAB leadership summit where the theme of the event was people v. data, Wendy Clarke of Coca-Cola gave the 730 attendees an important reminder about what she spends her digital budget on: expressions and impressions.

This statement is important for 3 reasons:

  1. Wendy did not say she thinks of expressions versus impressions.
  2. Media buyers have bifurcated these services – agencies (expressions) and trading desks (impressions).
  3. If you sell media, there remains opportunity to sell expressions and impressions – though with different buyers and different sellers of each.

Sounds simple. It is. When media planners say “I’m putting my budget into my house trading desk” what they are really saying is “we are buying impressions through our trading desk, and expressions here at the agency.”

Let’s all keep our perspective about this. Trading desks are not taking over the world just yet. They are meeting the demand for smarter working impressions. If you own or sell media you want to work with both sides of the equation. Good publishers channelize impression sales best they can using tools and partnerships. Valuable ad networks are providing more media expressions than in years previous by securing unique inventory, formats, and placements.

Undertone clients want to express themselves to many consumers at once: high-reaching expressions. If our customers want impressions, Undertone offers DirectConnect™, our impression media product for trading desks. In both cases Undertone is evolving to service the need for expressions and impressions in the marketplace.


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