Giving Women Confidence to Take On Their Careers

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On November 6, Undertone partnered with Lucky Forks, a social responsibility service, on an event coordinated with Maybelline, Wavemaker and Dare2Be.  Dare2B’s events serve women and children in shelters to help build a sense of community while learning life skills that will help them advance forward. 


Beauty is a large part of the confidence these women need to get out of the cycle of homelessness, however, makeup is the least donated item to shelters. Donating Maybelline’s product and teaching the children and mothers the basic uses of makeup will boost confidence. The volunteers also participated in an introduction to educate attendees on their own careers, played icebreaker games, participated in an open discussion on confidence, and held 1:1 sessions with kids to go through confidence worksheets and establish affirmations. 



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