What does Instagram’s ‘like ban’ mean for influencers?

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Instagram has started hiding likes in certain countries to address the growing concerns over mental health issues for users who are practically burning themselves out in search of the digital karma. The like ban began as a test in Canada over the summer and Instagram recently extended it to six other countries. The objective of hiding the likes was to force users to focus more on creating content and telling their story than worrying about likes. Additionally, the hope is that fans will be able to better enjoy the content and actually like content that truly appeals to them instead of jumping in the like limo with everyone else.

Some see the ban as a welcome reprieve from what can easily turn into an addicting clout chase while others are concerned that Instagram is taking away a key component of the site and their businesses. Likes, along with comments and shares, are a key component when determining engagement for an influencer. Engagement is one of the primary components used to assess an influencer’s worth when determining if a brand wants to partner with them as well as how much an influencer can be paid for a project.

While engagements are important in determining an influencer’s value, there are other metrics that can be used to evaluate influencers including:


Impressions – which shows the total number of times a post was seen by fans


Reach – which shows the total number of unique views


Likes are important, but they can easily be gamed by the system by using third-parties to utilize bots that can quickly give you several thousand likes and followers, which doesn’t make them the most reliable value indicator. Marketers need a more dependable way of not only ensuring that audiences are seeing the content, but the right audiences are being reached. This allows marketers to focus more on clicks and sales through paid amplification.  If you want to learn more about how to amplify your influencer campaigns, we’re happy to help!


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