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At Undertone, one of the most important things to us is the growth and development of our employees. Our dedicated Learning and Development team works to ensure that our employees have the skills and tools they need to do their jobs at the highest ability in an effort to give our clients the ultimate partnering experience.


In 2019, we’re expanding our Learning and Development efforts even further, launching the Undertone SkillSync Academy. This new initiative will provide the complete, cross-functional Undertone team—including strategic leaders, software developers, creative talent and sales organization—with the insights and tools they need to best serve our clients in the rapidly changing digital landscape. Undertone SkillSync Academy will foster knowledge-sharing and collaboration throughout the Undertone organization, making the company an even better ally for its prestigious client partners.


Why We’re Implementing the Program

Undertone SkillSync Academy was created to provide a sustainable approach to employee development, one that is proactive rather than reactive. This will help our team stay at the forefront of an ever-changing industry and better able to help our clients do the same.


Our employees are motivated by training and are interested in receiving as many learning opportunities as possible. Undertone SkillSync Academy is an excellent way for the team to get involved in all facets of the organization, stay informed of high-level company goals, and feel engaged with the company’s greater purpose.


What is Undertone SkillSync Academy?

The curriculums of the Academy will be focused on delivering clients integrated solutions that optimize Undertone’s cross-platform, cross-device synchronized technology. The program will provide training to enable cross-functional teams to leverage new trends, technologies, and opportunities for the benefit of agencies and brands.

Built for both personalized and group career development, Undertone SkillSync Academy will empower employees to seize opportunities in today’s complex yet promising digital ecosystem through a combination of live training experiences and programs, on-demand self-service learning, group mentoring and a robust certification program. Beginning with a revamped onboarding experience, the program will include presentation and communication workshops, office hours with company experts, and evergreen industry training. No matter the role or seniority, employees will have learning opportunities relevant to their role and to the larger organization.


Who We’re Working With

Undertone SkillSync Academy will be run in partnership with Mentor Group, the global sales performance consultancy. Mentor Group creates integrated coaching programs that use comprehensive tools and metrics, incorporate outstanding technology and are delivered by over 200 instructors and coaches considered to be the best in their field.


Mentor Group will assist the Undertone Learning and Development team in introducing the new, practical, commercial sales methodology for managers and sales teams across all regions within the U.S. The combined program will leverage individual customer insights to support Undertone’s continued drive to deliver best-in-class cross-platform digital solutions, efficacy and impact for all our clients. We’re very excited to partner with such an exciting organization.


Undertone SkillSync Academy will be supported by a new learning management system that tracks progress and houses all training materials. Employees will receive a personalized learning path that prioritizes team objectives and can share and interact with best practices and tactical and strategic materials, certifying their knowledge by way of quizzes, tests, and surveys. It’s an exciting time to grow and learn at Undertone!

If you’d like to join the Undertone team and see Undertone SkillSync Academy in action, apply for a role using the careers page on our website.


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