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I would like to keep the blog discussion more frequent and lively, and what better way to do this than to hear from some of the smartest people I know. Starting next week, I have invited various team members to begin sharing their knowledge and experience in this forum. As for me, I plan to continue writing. In fact, I’m sure I will be even more motivated to post in response to what our team has to say.

It has been a very exciting and interesting Q1 to say the least. The online advertising industry is stronger than ever despite all the talk of a recession. We have yet to see any decline in budgets or our clients’ enthusiasm for the space, although we are keeping a close watch on various indicators.

One of my highlights of the week was a meeting we had yesterday with a leading digital agency. They talked about how the network landscape has changed, and that being the biggest is no longer what matters. Reach is not difficult to achieve, so just having a billion unique users doesn’t wow like it used to. While the feedback was not new or surprising, the passion behind it was. The fact that agencies are struggling with certain networks that appear to have forgotten about the importance of service is growing.

On the M&A side, there continues to be a flurry of activity with Burst announcing their intention to sell the business and there are plenty of rumors about Tribal Fusion out there. Network shifts and consolidation continue to happen, once again making this sector one of the most exciting out there.


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