Nader Running Again

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As if this year’s presidential contest isn’t exciting enough, the most outspoken consumer advocate in our country has declared for a third time his candidacy for the presidency.  On Meet the Press yesterday Ralph Nader responded with a very long answer to the presidency question posed by Tim Russert .

The self-proclaimed “Mr. Frugal” says he’ll focus his fundraising efforts on individual contributors only.  During the interview he spent a considerable amount of time promoting his website as a unique platform for people to interact and organize.  I frankly didn’t notice anything unique compared to the websites of McCain, Clinton and Obama, but I guess Nader does. 

After curiously investigating into whether or not Nader had begun purchasing any keywords, I found that, as of Sunday evening, he had not.  I then searched the names of the other three leading presidential candidates and was surprised to find none of them is buying the others’ names.  Clinton isn’t even buying her own name, which probably isn’t the best move considering one of the links above her natural listing took me to a story that began with “It is a measure of Hillary Clinton’s desperation that she should have switched from elevated, presidential language to direct attacks on her opponent. In politics, risks are generally run by candidates who are losing.”


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