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Undertone Launches SORT™, a Moonshot Privacy-First Solution that Proves Cookieless Technology Can Outperform Alternatives

Results overwhelmingly exceeded cookie performance; awarded with Neutronian’s Cookieless Certification, the proprietary, patent-pending technology is the first technological outcome of Perion’s HUB.



 NEW YORK – October 20, 2021 – Undertone, the leading provider of intelligent high impact advertising solutions across all platforms, screens, and devices today announced a pivotal innovation that proves cookieless advertising can exceed the performance results of campaigns that are marked by pixel-invading privacy. Recognizing the reality of new and emerging privacy regulations and guidelines, Undertone’s data scientists developed a proprietary AI technology that identifies “common ground” traits that drive predictable and scalable target audience results across all devices, based on a variety of real-time data signals, on the fly, all without the use of cookies.

High Impact+Privacy+Performance

SORT, or Smart Optimization of Responsive Traits, is Undertone’s multi-dimensional targeting & optimization solution that uses real-time, cookieless data signals to identify users with shared traits & classify them into addressable SmartGroups.This technology is a major break-through as it allows brands to reach optimal performance by predicting how consumer groups will respond to the ad, without the limitations in scale that 3rd party targeting normally sees.

Validated across Multiple Campaigns

The multi-dimensional targeting technology – which has been validated across multiple campaigns including Colorado Tourism and Owl Labs – identifies otherwise unrecognized similarities between users, and creates different groups – which is the “Responsive Traits” component of the platform. These groupings are not static, but fluid. Users continually move between them, and SORT’s engine delivers them advertising that merges their interests with publisher context, daypart, geography, and other data points that are determined by various internal and external signals. 

SORT will ensure that all campaigns are optimized towards a brand’s most response-ready consumers with the most relevant messaging and as an added benefit, Advertisers will have the ability to display a “SORT Signal” to highlight to consumers that they are protecting their privacy. 

Moreover, Undertone has always been known for its performance, and feels so confident about the performance SORT provides that it will be offering guarantees that SORT will outperform traditional third-party targeting. 

“True innovation resolves tensions that seem irreconcilable, in this case privacy and effectiveness. Our SORT technology does just that – addressing the industry’s heightened demand to protect the privacy of consumers, while still executing effective and strategic campaigns,” said Dan Aks, president at Undertone. “Our new solution uncovers data that no other offering can, identifying the unidentifiable and providing unique insights that will be able to fuel current and future campaigns.”



Independently Certified by Neutronian

Neutronian, a pioneer of independent data quality certification, was invited to review SORTS results. After a comprehensive audit process, Undertone has been awarded with Neutronian’s Cookieless Certification for its SORT technology. Neutronian reviewed not only the solution itself, but also preliminary campaign performance test data, which showed positive indicators that SORT can outperform traditional cookie-based targeting and will conduct additional performance testing during ongoing certification monitoring.

“As the advertising ecosystem prepares for the deprecation of third-party cookies, marketers are looking for targeting alternatives,” said Timur Yarnall, CEO and Co-Founder of Neutronian. “SORT provides a scalable, cookieless targeting solution and results from initial client tests showed performance on par with or better than third-party cookie-based targeting options. Based on our review of  SORT technology, methodology and performance testing, we found this offering to provide a strong option for cookieless targeting.”

“SORT technology perfectly achieved our need for a solution that protects user privacy, while maintaining relevancy and performance,” said Mark Duffy, Senior Advertising Manager at Owl Labs. “In the tests that were conducted, we saw this new technology overwhelmingly exceeded third-party cookies’, across all of our main KPI’s.”

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About Neutronian

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