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Last week our Chief Client Officer, Alan Schanzer, posted on the MediaPost Future of Media Forum’s Blog, making his predictions for digital advertising. And then, I attended the event to get a better understanding of what other people thought. Did they agree that creativity was the key to the future of digital ads? Or, did they strongly oppose the notion?

The short answer is: they agree. I heard the message loud and clear that the industry needs to invest more on user experience. To me, that translates into investing more on creativity and new formats to truly get to a place where digital advertising is better.

But what does ‘better’ mean?

As Alan touched on in his blog post, a world where digital advertising is better means users are served more engaging, more creative and more entertaining display and video ads online. Think about the Super Bowl… why does everyone love Super Bowl ads? It’s simple really. They are entertaining. Why can’t we get to a point where the Super Bowl experience moves online and happens every single day? I think we can. And the answer to getting there is investing more in creativity and new, engaging ad formats.

So what other predictions were made at the conference with a room full of industry gurus? Here are a just a few things I heard…

  1. Technology is generally used for the convenience it provides, not the quality it delivers. Look at the microwave – it doesn’t cook well but it’s convenient. As an industry, we need to make sure we don’t lose sight of the importance of quality. Exchanges are a great example of convenience. But what about quality?
  2. Common currency may be convenient and easy but it’s wrong for the industry. Specific metrics for specific platforms and situations are a must to truly understand the value of brands’ advertising efforts. Too bad if it’s hard to compare one to another, marketers have to get good at it.
  3. Are we headed toward a three screen world? Perhaps, but screens are irrelevant if you can’t target the consumer’s need at the right time and in the right place.
  4. It’s time to think of television as an experience rather than a device. The device will be interactive soon enough. But the experience itself will more than likely remain close to the same. Hulu is a great example of television as an experience.

While this is a very truncated summary of a great and insightful event, one thing is for sure – there are a ton of varying opinions and predictions out there!

Which one can you get behind?

I stand firm behind Alan and his outlook on how we can make digital advertising better.


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