Presidential Hopefuls Not Voting for Online Advertising

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democrat_and_republican_symbols2.jpgWell, we have four primaries down, and Nevada scheduled for this coming Saturday.  I was holding out a little bit of hope that we might see an increase in online ad spending but that still has yet to happen.  Josh Chaffin with the Financial Times wrote last week and pegged the political online ad spend forecast at $30m – less than 1% of the television forecast.  For comparison sake, online is forecast to be $21.5b in 2008 vs. TV at $78b, putting online at a 27% of TV*.

I had someone on the team pull AdRelevance to see what impression levels the candidates were at for the week of 1/7.

Candidate Campaign Name Impressions
Hillary Clinton None None
Barrack Obama Obama for President 675,000
John Edwards Edwards for President 0
Rudy Giuliani None None
John McCain John McCain 168,000
Mike Huckabee Mike Huckabee for President 5,000
Ron Paul Ron Paul 2008 PPC 29,000

With nearly half the states holding primaries on February 5th, there is still a chance we may see a big online push, although I would have expected that to happen by now.

*Reference –  Jack Meyers Media Business Report


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