Undertone and Ipsos ASI Release Findings of High Impact Advertising Study

New York • January 29 • Undertone, a leader in creating cross-screen digital advertising solutions for brands, has released the findings of a major research study exploring the role different types of high impact digital ad units play in driving key brand metrics. Conducted by Ipsos ASI, the study measured the effectiveness of standard display ads against three specific types of high impact digital units:

– Full-screen interactive takeover units represented by Undertone’s PageGrabber® and ScreenShift™ units;
-Large-canvas display units represented by the IAB Rising Stars; and
-Webpage wraps represented by Undertone’s PageSkin™ format.


High impact ads delivered significantly higher levels of unaided brand recall, ad recognition and brand recognition than standard display ads.

-Full-screen takeover ads drove 124% greater unaided brand recall than standard display.
-Ad units with more overall pixel size, specifically PageGrabber®, ScreenShift™, Billboard, and PageSkin™, were the most effective at building awareness.
-Billboard, Slider and Portrait emerged as the top performing large-canvas display units at driving unaided brand recall, ad recognition and brand recognition.

Despite being more interruptive to the browsing experience, consumers have a more likeable experience with high impact ads than standard display.

-Full-screen takeovers delivered 40% higher overall likeability and 35% higher affinity for the brand being advertised than standard display.
-Full-screen takeover ads were 78% more likely than standard display to make consumers want to learn more about a product/brand.
-Large-canvas display ads were 41% more likely to be found enjoyable than standard display.

High Impact ads were more likely to drive social sharing and consumer actions beyond the ad click.

-Full-screen takeover ads were 61% more likely to be shared on social networks and 58% more likely to elicit personal recommendations than standard display.
-Large-canvas display ads were more effective at driving personal recommendations than social network sharing or consumer shopping behaviors—49% more likely to drive personal recommendations than standard display ads.

“Previous data has revealed that high impact ads outperform standard display against metrics like click-through rate and engagement, but to date there has been limited data revealing the branding, emotive and social impact of these larger-canvas, more immersive units,” commented Eric Franchi, Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist, Undertone. “This study conclusively proves the efficacy of these units against a broad range of metrics that are highly valuable for brands. The findings are particularly timely as marketers are increasingly starting to weigh the benefits of extending high impact buys across smartphones and tablets as part of integrated brand campaigns.”

For the complete findings and details of the research methodology, download Undertone’s research whitepaper at: www.undertone.com/highimpactstudy

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