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The unfortunate truth of the matter is that right now, there are still no definitive rules or definitions around quality in the digital ecosystem. And it can be difficult for marketers and agencies to identify partners who can guarantee brand safe placements. Thankfully, companies and/or organizations are working to fix the issue and help instill the trust that the industry needs to see the continued shift of brand dollars online.

A few key strides have recently been made to demonstrate the industry’s continued efforts including DoubleVerify releasing its Trust Index Report which revealed not only that advertisers and networks are standardizing brand protection practices but also announced the most compliant networks, which include Undertone. And, AdSafe Media introduced its latest Network Monitor+ tool that allows brands to check the brand safety of specific URLs.

So by all accounts, it’s clear that we are moving in the right direction and the transparency that marketers seek is becoming more readily available. Similarly, companies that are not taking the appropriate steps to guarantee brand safety will soon become exposed.

The simple takeaway from these recent developments is this… If you’re a brand marketer or agency, be smart about which companies you choose to partner with and ask questions about their policies and/or practices for ensuring your brand safety.

I know from Undertone’s perspective, we welcome these questions because we’re confident in our ability to guarantee quality and brand safety. Heck, our money-back quality guarantee is still yet to be matched!


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