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Quality content affects digital ad effectiveness on the Web; does the same hold true for mobile? Michael Nevins, Undertone’s VP of Mobile, says it does—and discusses the feedback he’s received on his recent article on this topic:

I got lots of direct feedback from my recent opinion piece for Mobile Marketer entitled “Does Content Quality Matter for Mobile Advertisers?”  

It was interesting to me that nobodychallenged my assertion that quality does indeed matter.  I certainly expected some nasty comments. (Perhaps this is an issue that most mobile networks don’t want to address?) On the contrary, all the feedback was positive. This comment from a brand manager summed up the general tone of the feedback: “Of course it matters to our brands. It matters on the desktop and probably even more on mobile where the network content is more dubious.” 

I’m happy to open this can of worms because our clients—and all clients—are becoming more savvy about buying mobile and are becoming increasingly aware of the quality issues with low CPM inventory from long-tail mobile networks. Our approach to mobile content acquisition is built on the same philosophy we use on desktop. While the site/app selection process and criteria mayand often should—differ from that of the Web, it’s still based on our core belief: quality matters on all platforms, including mobile. 

This belief resonates with our two most important constituencies:  

(1) Our brand clients and their agencies “get it,” and our results have shown that quality matters to performance.  

(2) Our publisher partners also fully understand that their businesses suffer when their logos are used to promote networks that sell their content at low CPMs along with dubious sites and apps.

 Have a read and let me know what you think. 

–Michael Nevins

Natalie Breitbach

As a member of the marketing communications team, Natalie is responsible for copywriting, emarketing and sales collateral, and Undertone’s social media presence. She joined Undertone in early 2012 and has worked in digital media for several years. Outside of work, Natalie enjoys finding new restaurants and new places to go running in NYC.


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