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Innovative and Proprietary Technology
Advanced Data Solutions, Platforms & Partnerships


Undertone is an industry leader when it comes to advanced technology.
We offer proprietary and innovative solutions for Cookieless Targeting, High Impact Creative
and Publisher Tools and are constantly enhancing our solutions with new technology and best-in-class partnerships

Proprietary Cookieless Technology: SORT™

SORT or Smart Optimization of Responsive Traits is Undertone’s multi-dimensional targeting & optimization solution that uses real-time, cookieless data signals to identify users with shared traits & classify them into addressable SmartGroups.

This technology is a major break-through as it allows brands to reach optimal performance by predicting how consumer groups will respond to the ad, without the limitations in scale that 3rd party targeting normally sees.


Sparkflow is our proprietary creative technology platform which enables the automation of high-impact ad unit production across both Display and Video. Our consolidated technology workflow touches every aspect of campaign flow, including ad building, tag creation, creative optimizations & post-campaign performance. Available for use in fully managed campaigns or in programmatic channels, Sparkflow delivers superior results for advertisers and agencies looking to take theircreative to next levels.


Part of the Perion Umbrella, Paragone.AI is our newly launched Actionable Performance Monitoring (APM) platform for social, built on MMR’s core technology platform which includes predictive algorithms and a powerful Artificial Intelligence engine. This state-of-the-art SaaS platform enables you to get live monitoring data & dashboards across all social ad channels, ad accounts, and campaigns in one unified view, bringing together siloed campaign activity & business initiatives. This means brands are able to make optimization decisions on their social campaigns by looking at them holistically, thus increasing ROAS, boosting revenue, and maximizing user engagement.


Innovid is the only independent omnichannel advertising and analytics platform built for television. Through our partnership with Innovid, Undertone is able to compliment our memorable, high impact experiences we offer on desktop & mobile, with an interactive experience the largest screen in the house.


Undertone’s new propriety analytics platform offers publishers unparalleled access to daily trend analysis and digestible analytics. We understand yield optimization is of the utmost importance and UDRIVE is here to help.


SmartCommerce is the leader in eCommerce & digital carting, and the official provider of Click2Cart® services. Available in ALL of our ad formats (yes, CTV too!), this partnership with SmartCommerce enables our clients to get their consumers one step closer to purchase using single-click-to-cart functionality. How does it work? We embed a Click2Cart® URL within an Undertone ad, and when a user clicks on the ad (or scans a CTV QR Code), the product(s) will immediately be added to a user’s retailer cart. That’s only ONE CLICK to get your product from an ad experience into a consumer’s retailer cart.

Click2Cart® is a trademark of SmartCommerce, the provider of Click2Cart services.


Through our partnership with Spaceback, Undertone has the ability to create quick turnaround, high impact display formats leveraging your brand’s existing social assets. Spaceback’s cutting edge technology allows for the seamless transformation of existing social posts into display formats, with likes & comments updated in real time.


Undertone’s premium publisher portfolio achieves 98% Verified Human Traffic. We monitor invalid traffic and brand safety via IAS, DV, MOAT & Grapeshot to ensure we exceed industry standards for inventory quality. While our technology optimizes in real time, our inventory teams also monitor content on a daily basis to ensure quality environments for our brands, and determine if certain publishers need to be contacted or paused



Through strategic partnerships and proprietary innovation, Undertone offers advanced data capabilities that
provide a differentiated approach to reaching the audiences that matter most.

Privacy Compliant Targeting Solutions

Undertone is continuously evolving our suite of Privacy Protected Targeting Solutions to align with the latest industry compliance. Through partnerships, adoption & our proprietary technology development, SORT, we are able to offer our advertisers advanced cookieless targeting solutions that are effective & scaleable in delivering relevant ads & achieving full funnel results.


With creative performance data gathered from billions of impressions across thousands of campaigns, Undertone has built out a creative database which is used to inform the formats, features, and design on each ad experience within a campaign.

Undertone has the ability to build proprietary 1st party audience segments based on users who have seen or interacted with your brand’s ad, as well as lookalike audiences of the top engaging audience segments for your campaign or vertical.


Through various partnerships with industry leaders such as TVadSync, Undertone has the ability to target users based off of their TV viewership behavior and exposure to specific types of content, commercials, or genres. The data we use is double opt-in privacy compliant.


Undertone is proud to partner with Fyllo Data Marketplace — the world’s largest ecosystem of compliant Cannabis & CBD purchase data — to bring our CBD clients access to previously inaccessible data across 55 million CBD/Cannabis users.


Undertone has the ability to ingest 1st party data from all major providers as well as extensive relationships with 3rd party data partners to ensure your ads are served to the audience you want to reach.


In addition to meeting your KPIs–Undertone’s campaigns drive real-world results. Undertone
uses 3rd party measurement providers & our exclusive relationship with System 1 to deliver
on the metrics that make a difference to your brand, such as brand lift, purchase intent, foot
traffic, ad effectiveness and more!


Through our partnership with System 1, Undertone will measure the emotional effectiveness of your ad by showing it to real people in your target audience–because at Undertone, we know emotion is what drives actions.


Undertone’s PIXL Studios and our Insights Consultancy work hand in hand to apply creative expertise and emotional insights for our clients on every campaign we run–and now, we are extending this expertise to everyone. See how Creative Pulse, our proprietary creative analysis, can help your brand learn how to drive better results through more effective creative. We’ll report on:


We’ve partnered with the 3rd party measurement providers you know–to give you the

results you want to see. Undertone offers measurement solutions across:


Foot Traffic

Sales Lift

Creative Effectiveness

TV Tune In