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Each month we feature a different employee who exemplifies the Undertone spirit. This month, the spotlight is on Bernice Ho.


As a Manager on the Creative Project Management team, Bernice knows what it takes to make a campaign come together better than most. She oversees designers and developers on Undertone’s PIXL creative team, helping bring concepts to life through design and code. Since the team acts as creative advisors to client partners, Bernice makes sure every team member has what he or she needs to execute and that projects always stay on schedule.


How long have you been at Undertone?

I have been at Undertone for 2 years.


How has your career grown during your time here?  

Working with clients on a daily basis has sharpened my communication and people skills (my experience prior to Undertone has been on the brand side). I’ve also had the opportunity to take on a bigger role within creative operations and look for ways our team can work better with partners and with each other.


What are you most proud of accomplishing during your time here?  

Since joining, I’ve been able to work with our team as well as internal partners to improve the overall production process. I would say that we’ve learned to work leaner and faster while providing better service to clients.


What are you most excited about when it comes to Undertone’s future?

An advantage of being a close-knit company is the flexibility to react to changes in the market. Our shift to offer more synchronized, holistic solutions to clients is a great evolution that aligns with the way people are consuming media. I’m excited to work on new projects that oversee a consumer’s entire digital journey in order to create more meaningful relationships between brands and consumers.


What is your favorite thing about Undertone?

The organization is flat enough for you to see the impact of your role and make real contributions—it’s the opposite of being a cog in a machine. People are also always willing to step in and help where they can to make sure we deliver the best results for our clients.


What is the best thing about being a Creative Project Manager?

I love the creative process of working with designers and developers to concept and build digital experiences. It’s very fulfilling to see users interact with something that started off as an idea and was brought to life by you and your team.
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Ilana Greenberg

Ilana Greenberg is the Brand Marketing Content Coordinator for Undertone. In this role, she provides the copy, content, and social media posts for Undertone's global offices. She has worked as a writer and editor since graduating from Washington University in St. Louis.


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