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Serving as Undertone’s Director of Strategic Marketing, Samantha Lopez is a combination of professional storyteller and strategist. During her time at Undertone, she has focused on crafting agency and brand digital ad strategy, as well as sculpting Undertone’s vision and positioning in the marketplace. After her time spent working at major media agencies, she came to Undertone, bringing her agency mindset to the ever-changing mar-tech space.


We sat down with Sam for a quick Q&A in anticipation of the Youth Marketing Summit, at which she will host the “Digital Creative Strategies for Engaging the Youth Demographic” panel.


Undertone: How long have you worked at Undertone?

Sam Lopez: I’ve been at Undertone for two and a half years.


UT: What has been your biggest challenge while working here?

SL: Coming from the agency side, it was tough at first representing only a piece of a brand’s strategy as opposed to shaping how all the pieces play with each other to drive revenue. However, Undertone is becoming increasingly involved in these holistic discussions, from ideation to execution and beyond.


UT: What accomplishment are you most proud of achieving during your time at Undertone?

SL: We have elevated our positioning from a rich media aggregator to a thoughtful and holistic partner that spans display, content, and social. I’ve been a part of the task force to implement broader changes for the company while having them translate to our pre-sale strategy team. Bringing our message of synchronization to life has been exciting and fulfilling.   


UT: How has the role of creativity for brands changed in the past 10 years?

SL: We’ve seen this shift of brands not just providing logos, copy, images, and a simple concept that will resonate in an ad, but adapting their business models from functionality to brand meaning to enhance the creative value they provide.


UT: Where do you see the future of your field heading?

SL: We’re at a tricky balance between consumer data protection and privacy concerns versus rapidly advancing technologies that will provide for more personalized targeting and data solutions. Consumers don’t want to be bombarded with irrelevant standard banners anymore, so, as an industry, we need to move in the direction of personalized, synchronized, engaging content, which provides them an experience or value. It’s better for everyone if consumers are pulling from us instead of us pushing at them.


UT: What part of YMS are you most excited about?

SL: I’m looking forward to learning and chatting with great marketers on the ground and on the panel I’m hosting, “Digital Creative Strategies for Engaging the Youth Demographic.” I’ll be speaking to some amazing marketing experts from brands like Truth Initiative and Six Flags, so I know I’ll be learning a lot.


Don’t miss Sam at YMS NYC on October 2. She will be hosting the “Digital Creative Strategies for Engaging the Youth Demographic” panel, focused on how cross-platform storytelling through captivating digital creative can help brands find, keep, and engage with the youth demographic.

Ilana Greenberg

Ilana Greenberg is the Brand Marketing Content Coordinator for Undertone. In this role, she provides the copy, content, and social media posts for Undertone's global offices. She has worked as a writer and editor since graduating from Washington University in St. Louis.


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