Targeting + Measurement

Some vendors rely on the use of data to reach the right audiences; some rely on the quality of their inventory. At Undertone, we focus on both.

Scale + Experience

Our network is comprised of some of the biggest and best sites on the web, so no matter your audience, we reach them. Our nearly 15 years of experience executing campaigns on our ad server means that we sit on a goldmine of data that we can leverage to drive success for your branding goals.

Bridging desktop + Mobile

We’re experts in cross-screen experiences, and that includes targeting. Our inference-based cross-device ad targeting method offers the scale and performance that brands expect, without sacrificing consumer privacy.

Targeting Types

We offer a variety of ad targeting solutions to meet brands’ needs, which fall under Audience ID, Audience Mindset, and Audience Modality.

Audience ID

Behavioral, Demographic,
1st,Party Data

Audience Mindset

Content, Social, Search, TV, Purchase.

Audience Modality

Cross-device, dynamic, geo-location, retargeting, technographic.

1st & 3rd Party Data

To deliver truly targeted marketing, we leverage first and third party data, along with a range of other signals, to reach audiences across the web’s best digital media properties. We’ve also developed deep relationships with the industry’s leading marketing measurement vendors, enabling us to track and report on campaign reach and performance across every screen.


We’re directly integrated with the most renowned and trusted ad targeting partners in the industry, including comScore, Nielsen, BlueKai, Exelate, and Quantcast. If you know them, we can work with them; in fact, we probably already do.

Study Types

Measure against any brand objective, including Brand Awareness, Audience Delivery, Action Lift, Sales Impact, TV Tune-In, and Viewability Verification.

Campaign Reporting

Our data management system ensures that we’re on top of all the key metrics brands need to report on their success. We provide ongoing performance reporting and analysis, so you always know how your campaign is performing.

Research Partners

Our research partners are among the most established in the industry, including Nielsen, comScore, Millward Brown, DataLogix, and DunnHumby.

Our Philosophy

We invest significantly in providing extensive and meaningful insights to brands. Our insights team is a valuable resource for brands for individual campaigns and on strategic levels, as well as for primary research topics such as the effectiveness of high impact creative on specific branding metrics.