Undertone Launches Fully-Integrated, Publisher-Cleared Advertising For Hemp-Based CBD Brands Seeking Broad Audiences and Aggressive Growth

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{New York, June 15th} Undertone, a leader in digital advertising who combines a curated publisher network, AI-driven synchronization and award-winning creative in a single platform, today announced a significant advancement in the fragmented and inefficient CBD advertising marketplace.


While the CBD category is large and growing – estimated to be a $1.3 billion market by 2022 – and hemp-derived CBD has been federally legal since 2018, the opportunity for entrepreneurs and larger companies to build their brands has been limited by a virtual shutdown of social channels, a patchwork of publishers, and rapidly changing regulations.


Undertone has officially announced that they are here to help– extending their high impact advertising capabilities to CBD brands, both topical & ingestible– powered by their CBD-ready publisher network, proprietary formats and in-house creative team. Undertone’s network is comprised of over 175 publishers in total, reaching an audience of 200MM potential consumers over the age of 21.  For the first time, Undertone is enabling CBD advertisers to utilize high impact digital advertising & social influencers—both delivered and backed by data to ensure legal compliances– to safely deliver brand KPIs.


“CBD is an exciting, high-growth industry, one with great consumer engagement, passionate entrepreneurs and a long-term favorable regulatory environment” said Daniel Aks, President, Undertone.  “We have spent a significant amount of time building and curating our network, scrupulously following the required governance and compliance, and creating what we believe is the premier media platform in the digital CBD marketplace.”


Undertone is placing the utmost importance on adhering to all rules and regulations around this offering, and will be following the below:

  • CBD-ready publisher network consisting of premium publishers who have opted-in to CBD advertising
  • Award-Winning, Internal Creative Team, Pixl Studios –who has years of experience building engaging, interactive, high-impact digital ad experiences optimized towards clients goals & KPIs
  • Data & Targetingcapabilities to ensure your ad is safely being delivered to users who are above 21 and are in a legal state
  • Social Influencers selected carefully using our data-backed influencer platform, which enables us to look at the data behind each influencers following to ensure legal compliance

If you’re a CBD advertiser wondering how you can leverage Undertone’s media capabilities, reach out to your local rep or email tellmemore@undertone.com.


About Undertone

Undertone, a division of Perion Network Ltd. (NASDAQ: PERI), provides cutting-edge technology solutions for the world’s leading brands. Its proprietary Creative Synchronized Digital Branding combines data, distribution and creative to deliver cohesive stories across all critical touchpoints: screens, platforms and a transparent, customizable list of elite publishers. The AI-driven platform eliminates fragmentation, delivers much-needed revenue for publishers and, most importantly, ensures brand messaging is contextually relevant. Undertone creates stunning campaigns that align with KPIs—always with beautiful creative and in brand-safe environments. Learn more at www.undertone.com.


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