Over the years, one common set of questions we’ve received from our demand and supply partners alike is if we offer outstream video and, if not, would we consider doing so. In truth, we were considering it for the same reasons  as they inquired about it:  because digital video is a hot commodity and one that would fit naturally in Undertone’s vast array of user friendly and high performing ad units. 


The rise of digital video came just as the industry was shifting to programmatic buying. Hundreds of newspapers and text-based sites pivoted wildly to capitalize on the growing  trend. Others just didn’t survive. 


As video gained rapid momentum and demand spiked , eventually pre-roll Instream video supply was no longer enough. While mid-roll post-roll were, and continue to be, available, the trade off to user experience with these formats is often considered too high. 


Two or three years ago, most publications transitioned away from solely being print focused and opened video studios as a response to user trends and shifting preferences for content consumption. Subsequently, advertisers quickly sought to disseminate their existing video creative across sites with original video content, leaving text-based publishers unable to compete. With digital video ad spend growing regularly, the industry needed a new solution, one with minimal impact on user experience. This led to the creation of Outstream Video. 


For any publisher looking to take advantage, or further advantage, of the high CPMs that video ads garner, Outstream Video is viewed as a viable solution for all publishers, including those text-based. It is considered more user friendly & less intrusive than Instream Video, giving readers the opportunity to engage with ad content on their own terms. In contrast to Instream, no additional resources are required apart from what’s already needed to manage any ad placement. There are no additional costs associated with licensing a video player, creating, licensing, or curating content.


In response to the first wave of inquiries, last year we launched our first Outstream Video unit – Video Adhesion. Now, perfectly timed with the rollout of our Creative Synchronized Branding Strategy, we’re happy to announce the launch of our new Outstream Video unit – Inline Video!


Due to Coronavirus, publishers are seeing an immense spike in traffic. As this pandemic has transformed our daily lives , it has also changed our viewing habits and publishers are looking for more ways than ever to take advantage of and monetize this new traffic.  This new Outstream unit of ours can help. 


Available though header bidding only, our cross-screen Inline Video unit is officially available today. You can also view a demo here
If interested in learning more, please contact the Publisher Development team at PubTeam@undertone.com.