Undertone Mid-Atlantic Region Moves to Prestige Location Near the White House

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We’re excited to announce Undertone’s Mid-Atlantic regional office has moved to Pennsylvania Avenue just blocks away from the White House!  I know what you are thinking — it’s all about politics — but think again.


Although DC is mostly known for its politics, 50% of Undertone’s business is working with brands and their agencies in the Mid-Atlantic. Our operations in this region have been buoyed since the summer with the addition of JC Medici, an industry veteran with exceptional experience in both brand and political.  Medici is gearing up to implement several new Undertone initiatives for our brand clients, including the launch of Creative Synchronized Digital Branding, an offering that we know will turn the advertising industry on its head.  Download our new creative white paper here to understand this initiative further.


The entire media industry has been fascinated by its ability to collect data ever since someone first clicked on an online ad.  Fast forward twenty-five years, you get an advertising industry in a state of peril. Ads are flat and emotionless, making them forgettable no matter how well they’ve been targeted. If you add the coming of a cookie-less world and the consumer’s concern for privacy, it becomes painfully clear that we are heading for a world in which advertising becomes a non-viable business.


Undertone believes it has the solution to the advertising problem.


Dan Aks, President of Undertone, points out that this will be a big year for the Mid-Atlantic office: “Undertone is fully committed to the Mid-Atlantic and we view the DC office as an important part of our overall success in 2020.  We have consistently delivered amazing results for our brand and political clients, and with the Olympics and 2020 elections we see our DC office playing a pivotal role this year and beyond.”


The company has made a significant investment not only in creativity but in its people.  Having JC lead the region is a clear testament to that along with promoting within Taylor Shelton, an outstanding contributor with extensive agency experience.  In addition to Shelton, we’ve given the region additional headcount and resources to ensure we are more than equipped to deliver memorable and impactful campaigns for our brand, advocacy, and political clients.


As Medici says, “Undertone has an outstanding reputation, particularly in the Mid-Atlantic, and with Undertone’s commitment to its people and infrastructure, we are in a unique position to reach new heights and deliver incredible campaigns. Lookout 2020, Undertone is in the House!”


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