Undertone’s Full Video Suite Sets a New Standard for Video Partners

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Over the past month, Undertone has announced brand new video capabilities, including their latest CTV solution, that extends its capabilities onto the living room screen in addition to their industry-leading cross-screen digital solutions.

With these recent releases, Undertone is now announcing the Undertone Video Suite – a full stack of video solutions that serves any digital and video KPI. This solution set is the first of its kind that blends video-first high impact outstream units, KPI crushing instream Pre-Roll and Interactive Pre-Roll solutions, social video across major platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and premium CTV placements. To tie all of their solutions together, Undertone can leverage custom ACR data capabilities that allows brands to retarget users based on commercial or content exposure on Linear TV and/or CTV, and reach them on CTV or high impact outstream video creative.

With their robust video experience, Undertone has helped yield outstanding results for video-focused campaigns with top Fortune 500 brands. Now with solutions across almost every video channel, Undertone is enabled to deliver full, cross-channel video activations that maximize video assets and reach via intelligent format orchestration.

Here’s a look into the components of Undertone’s Video Suite:

Connected TV:  Leverage :15 or :30 second video creative on premium channels and apps, and leverage custom ACR segments to reach users who have or have not seen your ad on Linear TV.

In-Stream Pre-Roll: Reinvent your TV creative on the web with In-Stream Pre-Roll placements. This high VCR and high viewability solution delivers across quality publisher content for premium, brand safe digital video campaigns. Tap Undertone’s award-winning creative team to add interactive elements onto your video like hot spots, call outs, and overlay banners. See it in action here.

Out-Stream Video: Reach audiences outside of traditional digital video inventory with high-impact out-stream video creative including video adhesion banners, full-page video ads, and inline video creative. With out-stream video, the possibilities for creative are limitless, where video galleries, hot spots, carousels, and more can be added to enhance your audience’s video ad experience. Check out an example of high impact out-stream video here.

Social Video: Let Undertone reimagine your TV spot to create short, snackable cutdowns for social consumption on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Undertone can manage buys, or send over assets for your social team to activate.

What makes the Undertone Video Suite so powerful, though, is the ability to orchestrate an entire campaign that blends the right combination of formats for your ultimate brand objective. No longer do you need a point-solution partner for video, plus another for display, plus another for CTV. Undertone’s video experience allows us to be perfectly positioned in the center of video, using cohesive, emotionful creative, along with data-backed format selection and optimization, to create campaigns that resonate with users and perform for brands.

If you’re looking for a strategy on how you can leverage Undertone’s Video Suite, reach out to your local rep or email tellmemore@undertone.com.


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