What Drives Standout Video Experiences?

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At Undertone, we pride ourselves on delivering the best possible brand experiences across different digital ad formats, including video. But what is the best possible video ad experience? We’re all familiar with the concept of banner blindness, but are things different when it comes to digital video? What specific elements can make or break a digital video campaign?

To find out, we commissioned a major piece of primary research. We decided to partner with IPG Media Lab to run a series of lab tests, live campaigns and consumer surveys to identify the effects that four different video elements
engagement mode (click-to-play vs. auto-play), player size, player location on the page, and website qualityhave on the efficacy of video ad campaigns.

Our key findings:

  • Consumer engagement mode (click-to-play vs. auto-play) is the most important element for advertisers to consider when their objective is driving brand awareness.
  • The quality of the site a video ad appears on is the primary driver of brand perception, consumer intent, engagement, and overall satisfaction.
  • Click-to-play ads elicit nearly four times more positive emotions from consumers than auto-play ads.
  • Larger video players evoke higher levels of brand awareness among consumers and can mitigate the negative effects often associated with auto-play ads.
  • Video player position on the page has little impact on consumer response.

For additional information about these findings, as well as details on the experimental design and methodology used in this media trial, download a copy of our white paper here


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